Welder Training & certification on your premises
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Welder Training FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become Qualified and Approved for CE Marking?

  • You need to have a factory production control system (FPC) described in BS EN 1090-1
  • Have a responsible welding co-ordinator within your business
  • Implement Welding Quality Management System (WQMS) procedures
  • Have the system certified by a notified Body.  The notified Body will then issue a FPC certificate and welding certificate identifying the execution class that has been achieved

Do you offer training and certification at my location?

Yes we provide on-site welder training, certification and inspection services throughout the UK (including the Channel Islands) and Ireland.
You can also use the facilities at our base in the West Midlands if you prefer.

Will my welder approvals/certificates expire?

Your welder approvals/ qualifications will be maintained in our database and you will be notified of the renewal date as it arises. We will not let you fall out of the approval umbrella, which may result in work being rejected by your customers.

Do you offer testing to groups of welders?

Yes, testing is typically conducted at your site allowing welders to feel confident in their surroundings and using familiar equipment. Depending on process limitation up to eight of your welders can be tested in one day optimising production output or you may wish to use our facilities if you prefer.

Do you offer job knowledge training?

Yes we can offer full training in the welding method(s) required to prepare you for a job knowledge test, whether required by standards or the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).